Weight Loss Solutions For Men and Women

No matter whether you are looking to lose those last 5 to 10 pounds - or 50 pounds or more - the professional staff at EB Fitness Club can help you in your journey.

Working in conjunction with the licensed professionals at NutriShape. You will work with our professional staff in private consultation to develop a program that meets your specific and unique situation.  

Together, we will have you looking and feeling great quickly using a combination of nutritional modifications, supplements and fitness.
Nutrishape is a comprehensive medically supervised weight management system designed by a bariatric medical team including physicians, dietitians, exercise physiologist and behaviorist. We work with your personal physician to achieve your goals.

Each patient begins with a comprehensive questionnaire and evaluation with one of our counselors. The patient forms are then evaluated by our clinical staff to create a plan that best suits the patient needs and circumstances.

Our founders have been in the bariatric and fitness field for over 25 years and have the expertise to help your patient achieve their goals.

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